Asterisk Release Candidates: 11.25.0-rc1, 13.13.0-rc2, 14.2.0-rc2

New Asterisk release candidates are available on the downloads site which should hopefully become the next releases if no issues are found. If you’d like to help feel free to download the release candidates and test them. If you have any feedback please report it on the issue tracker.

Changelogs are also available if you would like to see what is in each:

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Hurrah! 13.12.0-rc1 compiles with bundled pjsip on my Centos box.

Neither 13.11.2 or 14.0.2 would build with pjsip on the same machine, Can’t wait for the release.

Asterisk 13.13.0-rc1 using pjsip.
CentOS 7.2
Jansson 2.9
pjproject 2.5.5

Only possible issue might be some memory loss (according to top) with unsuccesfull register attempts.

39367 root 20 0 4121304 64292 12284 S 0.3 0.4 0:03.95 asterisk 20161119 21:20
39367 root 20 0 4121304 85400 12876 S 0.3 0.5 0:08.40 asterisk 20161119 21:22 few test calls.
39367 root 20 0 4121304 88348 12968 S 0.7 0.5 3:39.53 asterisk 20161120 12:10 register attempts
39367 root 20 0 4121304 89172 12968 S 0.3 0.6 4:44.10 asterisk 20161120 16:43 register attempts
39367 root 20 0 4121304 89996 12968 S 0.3 0.6 5:48.83 asterisk 20161120 21:14 register attempts

Due to the way that PJSIP memory pools work they can be cached and may cause it to appear there is a little bit of a leak. If you do a large number of REGISTER attempts and it continues to grow uncontrollably then file an issue[1].


At present the test system is inactive, the register attempts are from hackers which is unavoidable.

I just wished to report this as it might have to do with ASTERISK-26516.

I just tested the scenario you provided and confirmed that memory usage does go up for a bit but stabilizes. It does not appear to be a leak.

Thx, to confirm that. I keep monitoring for a couple of days.