Asterisk release 16 support "SIP INVITE allow UPDATE header"


Can you confirm if Asterisk 16(latest release) can support SIP ALLOW header for UPDATE?


anyone can check this question?

I’m not sure if the forum rules still say this, but they certainly used to wait at least 24 hours before bumping a thread.

What do you mean by “support” here?

chan_sip has recognized Allow UPDATE on incoming requests for a very long time (since 1.8 or earlier) when it comes to whether it used Re-INVITE or UPDATE for connected line presentation. I don’t know the situation with PJSIP.

All should accept it. Not all potential uses of UPDATE may actually be used in practice. Asterisk should not be sending UPDATE without Allow UPDATE having been received…

The best person to get a definitive answer is yourself, by reading the code, or experimentation.

Thanks David. I will try the practise after I got some confirmation.

i checked some old discussions on the UPDATE support. Even the allow header includes “UPDATE”, does Asterisk support “UPDATE” message when it receives it?

Base on your old post: Asterisk does not have a full implementation of incoming UPDATE.
Which release has the full supportfor the incoming UPDATE?