Asterisk realtime witch db

hello i have 1 questen i can’t find the answear i need to make some research about asterisk
on witch db asterisk is best fit. if i use odbc and for extensions and staff func_odbc
postgress,mysql,oracle,microsoft sql server ? on what db asterisk is good and fast use i mean there will too many calls so i need asterisk and db to be fast . thnx for help

People commonly use Postgresql and MySQL.

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thnx i mean right now i am using microsoft sql server i have connected it with odbc and using func_odbc but i am getting some warrnings time to time this warrning is like this :

[Feb 16 12:07:12] WARNING[16437]: func_odbc.c:191 generic_execute: SQL Execute returned an error -1: 24000: [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Invalid cursor state (41) [Feb 16 12:07:12] WARNING[16437]: func_odbc.c:199 generic_execute: SQL Exec Direct failed (-1)![Exec dbo.Main_Dest @bnumb = ‘XXXXXXXXX’] [Feb 16 12:07:12] WARNING[16437]: res_odbc.c:604 ast_odbc_direct_execute: SQL Execute error! Verifying connection to MSSQL [MSSQL]…

so mby sql server is not fited for this so i created this post so
ty for answear

MsSQL is not something many people use and thus is not tested often. It might work, it might not.

yeah i think so beacuse there is more often solutions on mysql and postgress. thnx anyway