Asterisk Realtime logging errors but working


I recently upgraded from asterisk- and asterisk-addons- to asterisk- and asterisk-addons-, I’m using mysql realtime for account, cdr and extensions, everthing seems to be working ok, but I keep getting these in the logs

[2009-04-09 13:29:26] WARNING[22548] res_config_mysql.c: MySQL RealTime: Failed to query database. Check debug for more info.

I get a LOT of these, a single call can make 20 or 30 of these lines.

The debug log that have running to a separate file reports no error or warning, any clues on what it might be or how can I make it further debug what’s going on.

I have also done a query log on mysql and no issue there.

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go into your logger.conf and enable DEBUG on the console and then issue a logger reload at the CLI. Make a call, see what the output looks like.

The developers of the realtime stuff have a bad habit of adding new columns to the tables with each upgrade. From what I have seen, the realtime engine will try to do an UPDATE with a column that doesn’t exist, if it fails, it will do a subsequent UPDATE without the column.

I am guessing you will just need to add a column or two to your table and the errors will clear up.

:smile: fixed, you were right

Didn’t know that doing debug on the console showed more information then doing on to a file

Thank you :wink: