Asterisk Realtime and contexts


I need to be able to add new contexts to my ARA database without having to add the context in extensions.conf with a switch command.

Is it possible somehow to specify in extensions.conf to switch every possible context?

Not really unless you add every possbile context in the world which is sort of giving some one a pen and paper and ask them to draw every kind of house that there is in the world. What you can do is create a whole bunch such as context1, context2 etc.

Also you can write a script that adds to real time, edits extensions.conf and reloads asterisk.

I know of a coder that may be able to modify asterisk to not have to use the switch statement. Please PM me for more info.

I heard/read a couple weeks ago about someone working on making it so contexts and switch statements wouldn’t be necessary. But currently there isn’t a work around.

Thanks for the replies.

I think I will have to go with Dovid’s suggestion of using a script to add the context into extensions.conf and perform a reload.

Hopefully a workaround will come about, as the ARA is really good. It’s just a bit of a shame that its still quite heavily dependant on switches