Asterisk real time configuration fail

i was configuring asterisk Real time. i have done all configutaion according to the documentation but i am constantly having this error on asterisk. “[Mar 6 23:37:17] NOTICE[4639]: chan_sip.c:28647 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:1003@;transport=UDP’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

That’s someone trying to register with your system but failing because of wrong password.
The request comes from your local network ip

how to turn that off. actually 1003 was an SIP user which i added earlier but now i have removed it both from the sip.conf and also from softphone.

Request shouldn’t come into Asterisk if it is removed from softphone. If you still see those on Asterisk CLI that means it is not removed from softphone

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thanks @satish4asterisk. you were absolutely right. i had this user in my other soft phone. can you please help me with one other problem. i have added some users into SQL database successfully but when i add them on soft phone it gives wrong password. why is it doing so? i have data base connected.

You need to share following details in order to help any of us properly.
Configuration details of ARA and db entry for that user.
Asterisk CLI logs
Out put of cli command ‘sip show peers’