Asterisk PRI passtrough recording


does anybode did that before?
I want to configure one asterisk server between telco and the customer PBX to record all calls.
I’m searching for a solution to record alls calls.
the customer is using 2 PRI lines.
the easy solution is to install a asterisk PBX with 4 PRI lines, 2 lines for telco company and 2 lines for the existing PBX … but if the asterisk is down, is high risk.
the best solution is to mirror the 2 PRI lines with a switch, perhaps asterisk can monitor the traffic from the mirrored port?

thanks for any hint.



I did this for a while using a four port card as you’ve suggested, two ports in and two ports out, it worked fine, I set a dialplan to use mixmonitor and save the recordings with a custom filename, date, time, CLI etc and just passed the call out to the PABX, outgoing calls from the PABX done in much the same way. If you’re worried about the Asterisk box failing then we did think about using an ISDNguard from Junghanns which will simply bypass the Asterisk in the middle if there’s a problem, I’m not sure if the Digium R series failover would do a similar job.