Asterisk PJSIP user_eq_phone

There is a patch about user_eq_phone but there isnt any clue in pjsip.conf. it is hard to find out where it is. Maybe forgetten to add in conf.


The user_eq_phone option is documented on the wiki[1] as being applicable to endpoints.


keyword easy to find on Google

Pjsip usereqphone
Pjsip user=phone

Thanks for reply

1.4 version is really really old version. I have never tried before , i started to work 1.6 version with Asterisk.
Good luck.

do you know someone else can help me with that i need it, i know that
asterisk is written on db cause the column ¨lastms¨ takes values but he
still get the users sip autentication from sip.conf

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Asterisk 1.4 is obsolete and it will be difficult to find anyone who knows exactly what it does and does not support.