Asterisk on vpn


I’m planning to install asterisk for inbound calls. I have few questions regards that.

1- My ISP blocking VoIP. My work around here to use hosted vpn services available on the net with static ip address. Means vpn with public I can route DID to my server for inbound.
Is this right what I’m planning to do here?

2-it’s important to have wan public ip on eth0 of my server asterisk ? or just enough static lan ip.

What I heard from people. I can’t do outbound if I didn’t configure wan public ip on eth0.

thanks and regards

Change ISPs. Depending on why the ISP blocks VoIP they may well detect the traffic characteristics of VoIP, and you would be a fault in at least civil law.

The only reasons I can think of for an ISP blocking VoIP is that they sell telephony services by other means, or that they do not have the capacity for that sort of traffic. In the latter case, there is a very good chance that you will be detected.

It’s the only isp in the country, some people in the country using voip thru vpn.