Asterisk on community networks

Hi all,

First of all I would like to say a big thanks to asterisk development teams for this great open source project!!!

We’re about to install asterisk server on our community network (
Network has approximately 600 users, so I have few questions for asterisk masters here :smile:

Idea is to run asterisk on amd 64 platform with 2GB of ram, OS is CentOS 5.
Bandwidth is not problem because all links have 50mb+ capacity

My first question - is this platform strong enough to hold 600 users.

And second really important - is there any end user GUI that allows free user registration, our network is real community and all services are free of charge. If i need to register every member manually I think i will go crazy :smiley:


The question about if the machine is powerfull enough depends on the number of cuncurrent calls and not on the number of entries. If you have some money left my suggestion is to go to 4 gb memory.

Scopserv (www.sco[servis not opensource but the best webenabled GUI for Asterisk available. One of the nice things is that you can configure a range of entries at once and give users their own webpage to change relevant settings like forwarding, voicemail settings and give them access to their own cdr records/call history.