Asterisk not sending Reinvite

Hi All,

I am new to this group.
I have Asterisk 1.4.4 installed.

When ever a endpoint tries to put other user on hold, asterisk server is not forwarding the Reinvite to the other user. Instead of that it starts sending the music to the callee, callee still keeps transmitting the data to the server.

Actually i was not able to do with Trixbox 2.0, after seeing some suggestion installed Asterisk 1.4 and facing the same problem.

The following settings are enabled

In dial plans not used like ‘t’, ‘T’, ‘h’, ‘H’…
Only one codec is choosed alaw

Please do let me know what options i should enable such that asterisk server, so that server sends Reinvite to the other endpoint.

Thanks in advance

Hi All,

Now i was successful in configuring the server to send Reinvite out to the other end point by making context=default.

But when server sends Reinvite, instead of server sending sendonly, it is sending sendrecv.

Please do let me know if i have to do some more configuration as server to send Reinvite with Sendonly.

Thanks in advance