Asterisk not changing the State of the ZAP call

Dear Viewer,

I am using Asterisk in a company based in Saudi Arabia. I have installed Asterisk with Zaptel on CentOS 5 kernel 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5, TDM844E is installed for terminating the PSTN lines. I am using loadzone = fi in zaptel.conf. My issue is when I dial out to PSTN via Zaptel i see the following:

Executing [s@macro-dialout:7] Dial(“SIP/1642-089469f0”, “ZAP/g2/8870085|55|tT”) in new stack
– Called g2/8870085
– Zap/37-1 answered SIP/1642-089469f0
– Hungup ‘Zap/37-1’
[color=#0000FF](this is normal)[/color]

In this case I hear the caller and he can also listen to me.

[color=#FF0000]but [/color]

Executing [s@macro-dialout:7] Dial(“SIP/1642-08953b30”, “ZAP/g2/8443793|55|tT”) in new stack
– Called g2/8443793
– Hungup ‘Zap/37-1’

when dialing a different no. as the shown above , the call has been received by the caller and i hear his voice BUT he can not hear mines.

After this issue I listened to both the rings of the different numbers as mentioned above, they both sound different and I found out that the first no. i dialed 8870085 is an analog line given by the PSTN and second no. 8443793 is an E1 MFC/R2 line.

What I understand here is that on dialing an E1 line’s no. I hear the Ringback tones of the other end PBX and most of them have different ring sounds and for that reason Zaptel / Asterisk is not recognizing the tones and not changing the state of the call.

Please need help.