Asterisk NAT issue

hi all,

i am using elastix 2.4.0 with asterisk, we are able to make calls inside the LAN network but when we are trying to NAT asterisk server with our PUBLIC IP to make calls from outside LAN… our network is going down. when it is removed from NAT our network working fine…
can u help me out

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There is not enough information to debug an Asterisk NAT issue. Moreover, it the network is “going down”, the problem lies in the network, not Asterisk, and we know nothing about that.

Hi David

the network is going down when we are trying to NAT the asterisk server … otherwise it is good …

Hi Siva,
Can you post your:

  1. Network config
  2. Sip.conf where you have your bind / nat settings.

Also, what are the symptoms of “the network going down”?

I am also facing the same issue. I installed asterisk 11.10.2 from source on my Centos 6.5 machine. I created few sip extensions and tested on my local network using soft phones which works fine. Then i forwarded the 5060,10000-20000 ports on my router and tried calling from outside network. Only one way audio works. Same abouve mentioned ports are configured on the rtp.conf file. But still there is no audio both the sides. What could be the issue? :cry:

That doesn’t meet any definition I have of “the network going down”. Please re-raise it as a different issue.

Are “externip=” and “localnet=” parameters set in sip.conf? Did you check the SIP packet capture for possible causes of the problem?

Yes it was internal network subnet issue. After entering the proper network subnet started working. Thanks a loooot for ua help…

Nice. I am always glad when things work out :wink: