Asterisk - Nat - Internet - Nat - POLYCOM

Was ever anybody able to make that work?
Softphones were not easy but I got them to work even behind nat.
I was able to get the polycom to register, now I can call and recive calls and no sound…

My little advice (from a beginners point of vue)

Make sure the handset in the right connector before checking ports/codecs, and messing around with Asterisk!!!


Asterisk is quite good at NAT traversal - my guess would be that you are not letting RTP (Audio) through - What are the firewalls that the Asterisk is behind and also that the Polycom is behind - and are these current Polycom’s or old ones? (Old would be 301/430/501/601/330)

It was actually working all this time but I did not have access to the phone (it was a remote office).
The person at this office put the handset in the wrong connection. All these 3 days I was going crazy just to find
out everything was working!

Thank you sir!

ps: that was the reason of my second post, before going crazy checking more complicated things, sometimes
it is worthed to double check the very basic and dumb things.