Asterisk MySQL Database Missing Tables

I stupidly deleted the asterisk database while running a script designed to add a table to it (basically: drop asterisk, create asterisk, create I should not have added that drop asterisk at the beginning.). Now all the asterisk SQL database has is an ‘events’ table.

How do I restore the fully-functional database so I can get to work learning how to adminstrate the system? What steps do I need to take, in newb terms?

Please note: I am only one week old to linux, and I am brand-new to Asterisk. While setting up Asterisk Event Monitor and Asterisk Web Manager from, I managed to break my setup and block my Asterisk learning process severely (while bolstering my MySQL learning process a little). There have been so many roadbumps in the way of getting a functioning system.

When I go to localhost/admin I get the following error:

DELETE FROM notifications WHERE module = ‘core’ AND id = ‘AMPDBPASS’ [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.notifications’ doesn’t exist]SQL -
DELETE FROM notifications WHERE module = ‘core’ AND id = ‘AMPDBPASS’

Basically, the table does not exist in the database, because – as I already mentioned – I deleted it. How do I fix the database so it will work? What tables need to exist under the asterisk database on a normally-functioning Asterisk system?

I am using the most recent AsteriskNow CentOS installation, with Asterisk updated to the newest release (1.4.28) through yum.