Asterisk listens on ipv6 port


Please tell me why asterisk listens to ipv6 interface on random udp ports? Which module should be disabled or configured so that asterisk does not do this?

UNCONN 0      0  *    users:(("asterisk",pid=32236,fd=19))
UNCONN 0      0  *    users:(("asterisk",pid=32236,fd=21))
UNCONN 0      0               [::]:45051         [::]:*    users:(("asterisk",pid=32236,fd=20))

This might be the issue:

Thank you very much for your help.
I read this issue. This is a real problem. It’s still not clear why these ports are opened and whether it can be disabled. It’s strange that the problem is ignored by the community. This is a potential security hole.

At first glance it may seem that way but in day-to-day usage this is more in the category of a minor nuisance for those curious about their open ports.

The particular lines of sus internal code are not in Asterisk but in the third-party PJSIP project, where the random ports for the PJSIP internal DNS clients are bound on IPv4:

And IPv6:

That’s getting in to the weeds a bit… this is developer-level discussion that might happen on a separate mailing list (concurrently penning an email over there…)

In the interim, you could potentially work-around the issue a bit by running something like DNSMASQ on localhost and specifying that as your resolver in /etc/resolv.conf, and patching these particular lines to use hard-coded ports that you protect with your local software firewall.

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