Hello guys. i have a very urgent task to complete and i need help. I’m trying to use dsiprouter/kamailio as a sip proxy in front of my asterisk server. the sip endpoints are connected to dsiprouter and dsiprouter is configured as pass thru pbx and it forwards sip messages to my Asterisk server without problem. when i call a simcard number from sip endpoint it works perfectly fine and route from sip endpoint ip to the gateway without problem and the call establishes. I checked with sngrep and it was ok (gateway<->asterisk<->dsiprouter<->endpoint) my problem is when i call from the opposite side (Tel 2 Ip) the call comes into asterisk dial plan but it hangs up inside dsiprouter because there is no outbound rules and it can’t find the sip phone endpoint. what should i do? how can i define this carrier group to find the sip phone ip . should i set anything in asterisk ? like realm or outbound proxy or dsiprouter/kamailio outbound rules or something else will handle this? I’ll be in your debt if you can help me solving this issue
sincerely R.Ghazavi

Looks like something isn’t configured right in dsiprouter. What do the logs there show?

No rules defined for sip:[6001@asteriskip] going to sip:[09014700708@dsiprouterip]
how can i define this route to dynamically find the endpoint? i tried carrier groups and outbound rules and defined my asterisk or dsiprouter ip but neither of them works and it cause 503 service unavailable or 407 proxy authentication. can i write routing inside kamailio.cfg ? or it can be solved with dsiprouter carrier groups

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