Asterisk-Java FastAgi timeout

Hi everyone,

Currently, I am trying to use Asterisk-Java. I read this tutorial I use eclipse to import asterisk-java.jar and wrote Java source files.
I manage to start the Agiserver like the tutorial. However when I dialed 1300, I have this error:
FastAGI connection to ‘agi://XX.XX.XX.XXX/hello.agi’ timed out after MAX_AGI_CONNECT (2000) milliseconds

This is my config:
Asterisk runs on Linux
AgiServer runs on Window

My extension.conf:
exten => 1300,1,Agi(agi://XX.XX.XX.XX/hello.agi)

Agi server:
org.asteriskjava.fastagi.DefaultAgiServer startup
INFO: Listenning on *. : 4573

What is the problem? Do something miss like iptables ACCEPT (I already add tcp port 4573)?

Thank in advance,

Nobody has an idea to solve this problem.

What did the asterisk-java people say?