Asterisk is cutting off H.264 profile headers

Hi all,
I am using Asterisk 13.23 with PJSIP channel driver. Endpoints A and B are configured on it.
When endpoint A places a video call to endpoint B, I observe the following:
(A) sends INVITE to Asterisk, announcing H.264 along with its video profile in profile-level-id field:

However, Asterisk sends to (B) INVITE with profile-level-id stripped:

This obviously results in poor video quality.

H.264 is allowed for both endpoints. In global config, it is stated maxcallbitrate=4096 , and changing this parameter does not affect Asterisk’s behaviour.

Could you tell me whether it is a bug or there is a way to configure sending H.264 profiles in outgoing INVITEs?


We should pass through the attributes, but you haven’t given the full scenario. As well “maxcallbitrate” is not a valid option in PJSIP.

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The scenario is a simple point-to-point video call from YealinkT49G through Asterisk to an MCU.
As seen from the traces, not all the parameters are passed through - specifically, profile-level-id is stripped off. Please let me know which additional information / configuration I should provide.

There’s no additional configuration required - but even saying “a simple point-to-point video call” isn’t good enough. For example is a Local channel involved? Is it a straight PJSIP channel into the dialplan which executes Dial? These details can matter, and help isolate where the problem may be.

I should also add that we don’t currently support multiple instances of the same codec like that in SDP, we will accept only one. That may be a variable in things.

Only PJSIP channels are involved at both sides.
Dial invokes PJSIP directly.

Then I’d suggest filing an issue[1] with the COMPLETE configuration and SIP traces. It may be something specific to the SDP, as we do have test coverage on attribute passthrough for that scenario[2]. Is there another H264 in the SDP that you left out in your limited data?


Please find it below. As you can see, three H.264 sections are announced by the originating party.

Then I do not know why it would not be getting passed through, but could be something specific to the SDP.

Should I raise an issue in JIRA, attaching configuration and traces?

Yes, but as always there is no time frame on when it would get looked into.