Asterisk installlation

hello everyone,
please can I know what is the best version of asterisk I mean the most stable actually?

Here is the release calendar: Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

I can easily recommend 18 because it is the long term release.
Development on 16 and 19 will end late this year.
They may have a new long term release this year also (maybe called 22 instead of 20).
You should also check out the Git-master version to see what they’re working on (and what will go into the next release): GitHub - asterisk/asterisk: Mirror of the official Asterisk ( Project repository. No pull requests here please. Use Gerrit:
The Asterisk people work closely with the PJproject (PJSIP) people: GitHub - pjsip/pjproject: PJSIP project
You can run Asterisk with bundled PJproject (default) or with external PJproject including Git-master for the newest PJSIP features.

The most stable is obviously the latest sub-version of the oldest current long terms stable version, as there has been more time to find the bugs. However one also has to consider for how long bug fixes and security fixes will continue, and, if that is important, you would want the latest sub-version of the latest long term stable version.

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