Asterisk in Cluster

Hi Guys,

We are using asterisk with a2billing for a calling card platform,
at the moment we are using 1.4 however want to upgrade to 1.6

Does 1.6 have clustering function built-in and is it wise to plan to pass millions of phone calls a day?

If let’s say we run asterisk on cluster of Servers to gain a achieve CPU and memory resource.

High Availability and speed is the big issue. we’ve been thinking to switch to freeswitch.

or maybe we place the OPENSER in front of asterisk. will we be able to use all voice functions
like meetme, voicemail etc while combining with OpenSER


If you don’t need many routing, switching, It’s ok to use asterisk on cluster of servers. In a complex system, Operser as softswitch is a good choice. You can also use meetme and voicemail functions of asterisk at the same time.

If you need more information,you can contact me by email would be more convenient.