Asterisk + Idefisk configuration

i need some help with asterisk and idefisk on linux
(sorry about my english…is very rusty :frowning: )
then…i have a machine with asterisk,idefisk and fedora core 3 installed without graphic interface,and i want to emulate the graphic interface using the Xfvb…but no works :frowning:

i want know if exist another mode to configurate this in text interface…because i’m not able to install graphic interface
(sorry about english again :frowning:)

thanks :smiley:


why do you want a graphical interface for a phone on the Asterisk machine ? why not just use the OSS channel ??

the idefisk is an program for graphic interface,i had a computer ONLY text mode and i want emulate the graphic interface using the Xvfb,because the machine is an server and i not able to install graphic interface,and i don’t know how make this :frowning:

and what is OSS ?


don’t worry about your english, i bet it’s far superior to my !!

seriously, if it’s a server, why do you want any kind of graphical interface at all ? if you want to use the Asterisk server as a phone, you must already have a sound card in it … configure this with OSS/Alsa and you’re away … lookup OSS on the wiki at

i need a number phone in servidor,actualyy,my machine does it,but,i’m trying move to this server,but does not work :frowning:

thanls for the link,i’ll look =D