Asterisk high call volume issue

Hi Guys,

we are facing asterisk high call volume issue, when calls are increase more then 500 simultaneously ,asterisk start skiping some SIP responses and requests and start re-transmission. Please check and help to resolve it and also help to share asterisk max call handling count.

There is no fixed maximum call handling count. It all depends on the system itself, what you are doing, and how you have configured things. You’d need to examine and determine what is going on in your deployment to determine the bottleneck and why it is doing what it is doing.

we are getting transmitting issue when call count is increase grater than 500 hundred.

Server Specification -
HP E DL360
32 CPU
32 GB RAM/
50GB Raid Controller HD

CentOS release 6.7 (Final)
Asterisk 13.8.1

It could also be the network that is overloading.

Also the load on Asterisk can very by about two orders of magnitude depending on how you are using it.

For making bulk out calls what is better , auto call file .call or AMI api?