Asterisk HA Cluster

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I’m planning to do an HA Cluster from 2 Asterisk Boxes. Ideally will be to share all the information between them, including device’s states, channels, current bridges etc. On Astricon 2018 Dangerous Demo’s - Matt Jordan presented a demo when killing one asterisk box the call is still live on the second, by using PJSIP and his module which is rebuilding all channels/ bridges on the second box. Do someone know where I can find this module?
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There is a commercial Freepbx HA module by Sangoma

Linux - Mysql and Asterisk Realtime can do the job…

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Could you give more details how i can achieve that? How can i kill one asterisk server without interrupting the active calls?

There is a software HAAst which can perform HA as per your requirement.

In mine studies Software Clustering on a normal environment (low end hardware profile not carrier grade or class) isn’t able to uninterrupt active calls…there is always a little downtime…in terms of 5-15 seconds…

5-15 Seconds is acceptable, important is to be able to recover the same call on the second box.

i don’t know if a commercial solution can do the trick in a clean style…but with Asterisk you should do some tricks to re-generate calls via callfiles… when one node goes down and the other one goes up…you should parse log file or DB to check for Dropped calls…but that’s not a perfect solution…when you are in troubles with server…rarely you don’t loss anything…you have to accept some inconveniences…
In my opinion…
If you have the need to provide 100% uptime and continuity of service the price could be much higher then you think

I watched the tutorial. He used some publish modules to share ip information/informations and added own module to share channel snapshots. So after crashing 1st instance , he run a Re-Invite to new IP address. and it works.