Asterisk Forwarding Call Info

Hello everyone.

I’m after some help or maybe some contact details of a company or person who can help.

We have a taxi firm who need a 3rd party application to be sent real time call info listed below. I’m sure there could potentially be a few ways to do this but i’m a few weeks into working with asterisk and elastix and am certainly no coder.

If anyone has any advice or could point me in the direction of someone who can it would be much appreciated.

Loving the system as a whole just gutted my first thing to sort is WAY over my head!

Call info required;

  • Call Answered Identifier
  • CLI of caller
  • DDI caller rang
  • Extension Number that answers the call.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Where is that you need help ?, and what have you done so far Chris?

Consultancy requests should go on the Biz and Jobs forum.