Asterisk for a 50 room hotel


I’m going to install Asterisk for a hotel of 50 rooms in Lebanon. I have 4 external lines (telephone company) and 50 internal lines (for the rooms). However, I recently discovered Asterisk and I’m trying to learn how to install it
For this I have several questions:

  1. Could I use analog phones for the internal lines?
  2. Could I use Asterisk in Lebanon, because I did not find this country in the list of the countries during installation of Asterisk?
  3. What card do I need to connect all my lines?

I hope someone can answer my questions.


  1. You can use analogue phones, but I’m not sure that there is a line card combination that will support that many. You may have to use ATAs to make them look like SIP phones.

  2. Probably. If it is not listed, it is probably because of one or more of:

  • nobody actually knows the right parameters for the Lebanese PSTN;
  • there is no Lebanese translation of the voice announcements
  1. That may be the problem!