Asterisk Failover: DUNDi question about dialplan overlap

Hi there,

I’m looking for a solution for a failover design:
I have 4 sites: A, B, C & D.
Each sites have a pstn GW, these GW are SIP controlled by *.
SIP accountings are stored on ldap.
Terminals are sip cisco phones or softphones (X-Lite or zoiper).
I have an active Asterisk on site A, standby * on B,C & D (the stanby config will be the same as * on site A: same dialplan, same context etc.).

When A goes down, thanks to DNS-SD sip record (and xml.cnf for Cisco), all the softphones get registered to the * on the sites B (and if B goes down too, they will going to * on site C etc.).

My question is simple: when * on site A will be online again, i could have some softphone (laptop switch off previously or whatever) going to register on A, but other softphones will remain on * on site B.

I can’t send SIP notification to peers registered on * on site B, to get them unregistered (i tried “CLI>sip peers unregistered”, but X-Lite keep the latest sip proxy in memory, and after a time it get registered still on * on site B).
I tried to use ENUM E.164, but it seems to heavy and complex.

My last chance seems DUNDi.

But, as i said, the dialplan (ie: extensions) are the same on A,B,C or D. So, if extensions 1001 is registered on B but existing on A (but unregistered, you got it), a call from peers (registered on A) to 1001 will be routed to B???

Maybe you see another solution? If so, don’t hesitate to tell me :smile:

Thanks for your answer,

I think this is more or less a thing of the endpoint device (re-registering on a server with the highest priority when the registration timeout expires) and not Asterisk. I would also consider using DNS SRV in this case.


thanks for your answer first.

On my infra, with W-lIte, when the nominal going down, the softphone goes to register to the backup ipbx.
I configured X-Lite to register each 120s. But i ALWAYS receive the register on the backup, never on the nominal, even if it’s online again !

Maybe a bug from X-Lite (V3), I will try on the latest…

Thnks again.

With my suggestion all the brains are in the SIP Client, the server only takes care of SIP Registering (individual server is not aware of the failover scenario - only SIP Client knows about that). What you are describing sounds like an softphone bug.


I tried with X-Lite v5: same behavior.
I tried with Ekiga: DNS-SD not implemented
I tried with Linphone: DNS-SD not implemented
I tried with Jitsi: same as X-Lite => once on the backup asterisk, it’s querying the srv record, but even if the nominal come back online, it is NEVER going to register on it, still register on the backup.
(even if I sent a asterisk-cli>sip unregister ).


Anyone have a windows binary of this version:

Linphone looks great, but dns-sd is mandatory for me!


What if you use a hardphone? I can think of quite a few that support the features you need.