Asterisk dns cache

I have got a sip trunk with an hostname that resolve dns query with multiple hosts;
in this way i wanted to load balance asterisk just using the different queries made from asterisk, but when debugging the dns queries, i can see asterisk resolve the dns names only when it starts and never more.

so, i want to force asterisk dns queries everytime an outbound call is made.

If you are talking about chan_sip then you can’t force such a thing as chan_sip is not written to behave that way.

The new chan_pjsip in 13 will behave as you mention automatically.

hi Jcolp, thanks for you answer, but passing from asterisk 1.8 to asterisk 13 how much incompatibility can give to me for a simple sip outbound calling?

The configuration file for chan_pjsip is completely different so you would have to write a new one. As well in each release is an UPGRADE.txt file which you can look at to determine what is applicable to you.

only sip.conf should change, right?

can i implement pjsip on asterisk 1.8?

No. chan_pjsip is only available as of 13.