Asterisk Dialstatus for individual sip endpoint

In asterisk dialplan is there any way to find out what happened to all sip endpoint that I parallel dialed in dial function on one-by-one basis

You could use DEVICE_STATE before calling endpoints

But does DEVICE_STATE check at sip level what is happening to that endpoint as my users are actual connected to kamailio and asterisk is dumb machine I think it would not work

If you mean check all the SIP response codes, there is hangup cause[1]. If this isn’t what you mean then you’d need to further elaborate. For example there is no “DIALSTATUS” per endpoint, it represents the over all dialing.

[1] Hangup Cause - Asterisk Documentation

I updated the dialplan and added
app.NoOp**(“Channels with hangup cause information” (channel.HANGUPCAUSE_KEYS:get() or ‘’))**

but its not giving any output, for info I am using lua dialplan

I have no experience with the lua dialplan, so can’t help with that. I can say that the functionality itself does work.

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