Asterisk dial-plan Curl text parser

Hi i am new to programming.
After I send a curl from asterisk dial plan
I get back from a api something like this :

 0:1027301|pe_id:1027301|1:ko ben|NAME:ko

i would like to set the variable just the number of phone 2

dont want use php or scripting

it is obvious you cant use the cut function !

For me one of the greatness of Asterisk is that you can use it in combination with other programming language like php

Asterisk provide some basic tools for string manipulation but I prefer use PHP or Python in some cases, in this case you could do it all using php curl function

$string="0:1027301|pe_id:1027301|1:ko ben|NAME:ko

echo $value=preg_replace('/[^0-9]+/', '', stristr(stristr($string, 'PHONE2'),'|',true));
//print  20555532963

Then you can save it on a channel variable using Shell() function

It is just one of the many ways how to do it

yeah but it has it cost I don’t want to use it if I could get AROUND IT with the regular ael


Set(myvar1=${CUT(crlrslt,|,6)}); // set myvar to PHONE2:0555532963
Set(myvar=${CUT(myvar1,:,2)});   // set myvar to 0555532963

Be sure that module is loaded.

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