Asterisk Developer/Consultant Needed (remote)

We are seeking an experienced Asterisk specialist to assist us in…

  • Setting up a staging environment for Asterisk (which should include best practices)
  • Documenting that setup
  • Upgrading the production environment to the latest version of Asterisk (matching that of the staging environment)

We’re currently running Asterisk version 11.17.1 in a single production environment and at the end of this project, we want to have a current installation of Asterisk in both a production and a dev/staging environment.

The ideal candidate should have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with Asterisk and be proficient in the setup and configuration of Asterisk in various environments. Additionally, they should be familiar with Asterisk best practices.

This is a small-medium sized project with a duration of at least a couple months. We are looking for an expert-level candidate who can hit the ground running and deliver excellent results within the given time frame.

Note: We use Asterisk in the healthcare space to send out voice messages reminding patients of their upcoming appointments.

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Hi there,
Happy to help you as i have 12+ years of Asterisk app development experience.


Pls send me details

Will be happy to assist.

you don’t need to set up an asterisk server at all for that service you have
contact me :

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