Asterisk dead but subsys locked. WTH

Everything was fine untill today, and after editing the sip.conf, sip_nat.conf and rtp.conf files the system restarted with an error.

When I run service asterisk restart it says

Stopping Asterisk…Failed
Starting Asterisk…Ok

However it doesn’t start.

When I run service asterisk start it says
Asterisk dead but subsys locked.

Somebody help, this is the second time this has happened in as many days. I don’t know whats up with this release.

Thanks in anticipation!..


service asterisk start will succeed if asterisk starts at all. if it dies half a second later, that isn’t taken into account.

try starting asterisk without the service on the console: first do service asterisk stop (dont worry if it fails that just means * isnt running)

then do
asterisk -vvvc
which starts asterisk as a console app, not a service. if its going to die, it will at least tell you why.

also make sure zaptel is running…