Asterisk crashing frequently

Asterisk 18.1.1
Debian 10
Running in a Docker container in AWS

Directly prior to Asterisk crashing, I see segfaults in the var/log/messages log file:
Aug 13 22:33:22 ip-10-210-1-4 kernel: asterisk[25764]: segfault at 7ff3a579e1d8 ip 00007ff3a601cef6 sp 00007ff3a344e598 error 4 in[7ff3a5fe2000+48000]
Aug 13 23:15:39 ip-10-210-1-4 kernel: asterisk[19112]: segfault at 7f4e46c2c148 ip 00007f4e47452ef6 sp 00007f4e44982598 error 4 in[7f4e47418000+48000]
Aug 13 23:16:55 ip-10-210-1-4 kernel: asterisk[29413]: segfault at 7fee712c9198 ip 00007fee71c9def6 sp 00007fee6f1cd598 error 4 in[7fee71c63000+48000]
Aug 14 13:45:24 ip-10-210-1-4 kernel: asterisk[11134]: segfault at 7f9d2f305188 ip 00007f9d31df5ef6 sp 00007f9d2dc4e598 error 4 in[7f9d31dbb000+48000]
Aug 15 16:26:03 ip-10-210-1-4 kernel: asterisk[14781]: segfault at 7f486964a168 ip 00007f4869ebcef6 sp 00007f486725f688 error 4 in[7f4869e82000+48000]

How do I get to the bottom of this issue?

You would get a backtrace somehow and determine where it crashed. Things to note, though:

  1. You’re using an old version of Asterisk 18
  2. You’re using a C library that is not core supported by the Asterisk project

Thank you! I’ll work with our Ops team to get a backtrace.

One thing of note is that we have several other Asterisk servers running the same OS and Asterisk versions with no issues.

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