Asterisk compatible VoIP termination (more than 400 dest)

Send Calls around the world and pay for traffic only.

There are no additional or hidden costs. Originate traffic and pay only per minutes.
Real benefits are the following:

  1. Instant access to A-Z termination
  2. Qualitative routes at good price
  3. 0/0/1 Billing settings
  4. Online Billing with CDR/failed calls
  5. 24x7 online Support team
  6. SIP and H323, IAX is coming soon (config help)
  7. Simple and user friendly interface
  8. A lot of other features…

See tariffs at
For the more details please contact our Sales department

Sales Department

icq: 240089256
aol: asteriskout
yahoo: asteriskout

Phone +1 866 744 1140 Fax +1 650 429 2109 :::::Send Calls Instantly

What a bizarrely bodgy little web site! I hope it’s not an indication of how good their service is!

There are two types of phones mobile and “proper”! And no information at all about the company or the service or anything you might want to know before you signed up! Only prices… Prices in some unspecified currency, too! Australian dollars? Singapore dollars? New Zealand dollars? Canadian dollars? U.S. dollars? East Timorese dollars? Who knows???