Asterisk + Celliax - MusicOnHold sound quality testing

Original DTMF code “111” generated by Audacity 1.3, 3 seconds duration

The same file played by Asterisk + Celliax
and recorded by Audacity

Signal drops has been manually repaired ( select + copy + paste
into no-signal periods)

Please open by Audacity and select
Analyze / Plot Spectrum
from menu

Open 2 above files in 2 instances of Audacity to get a view
of 2 audio spectrums plotted side by side.

It looks like Asterisk + Celliax runs underpowered in processing of
audio files played as MusicOnHold.

More tests to come soon.

Please let me know your opinion.

follow up, another test

First audio file is 10 s chirp generated by Audacity and saved as 8000 Hz, 16 bits wav PCM file
to be played as Asterisk’s MusicOnHold file

The second audio file is the 1st file played by Asterisk + Celliax and recorded by Audacity.

Look at signal drops

Please do not keep creating new threads.


I don’t keep creating new threads.
I just ask questions about Asterisk + Celliax, Asterisk + sound quality, Asterisk + Call Center, Asterisk + GUI Dialer.

If you suggest we should use one thread per person for discussion of all issues and subjects, I don’t understand your idea.

Asterisk + Celliax configuration is highly specific, tested just by few.

Asterisk sound quality testing is general problem, as sound quality tools for call centers, PBX telemarketing centers are just subject to development.

So it is not a good idea to use one therad to cover all aspects of Asterisk.

I am looking for other places to hold more specific = sound quality testing, DSP issues
to build sound quality standards for SIP, VoIP telephony, Call Center, Telemarketing service.

I need to discuss issues like GUI Dialer for Asterisk and more.

Is Digium Asterisk forum ok for such discussions ?