Asterisk cdr monitoring

Hi all,

I am using the mysql addons module to log my outgoings call.
In my dialplan i am using the 9 digit to pick up an outgoing line when available.
when trying to browse the log list all i got is the 9 digit only.I am not able to retrieve the number dialed for the outgoing calls.
Any idea?


if you’re using a extension of ‘9’ and connecting straight to a Zap interface, then that’s all Asterisk will see. show us your dialplan.

This is the case am using baconbuttie.

;local calls:
exten => 9,1,Dial(Zap/4)
exten => 9,2,Dial(Zap/2)
exten => 9,3,Dial(Zap/1)
exten => 9,4,Dial(Zap/3)
exten => 9,9,Congestion( )