Asterisk Cdr count calls for each person

Hello everyone, I need to count calls for period of time(from, to) for statistics, which column indicates that is single call for each person? I grouped by ‘src’, ‘dst’, ‘d-context’, ‘date’, but I’m not sure, one person may call several times per day, next week, e.g. How to distinguish calls?

For simple calls, there is one record per call.

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Thanks for your reply, for example I have 5 rows with ‘dcontext’ => ‘ext->queues’ for one person(this means when person is calling, rings for 5 free operators in the call center), and I need to count as 1 incoming.

So not a simple call. They should all have the same linkedid, and are likely to all have the same uniqueid.

However, are you sure you don’t actually want the queue log?

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