Asterisk Call pick up

Hi all,

    I was wondering if there is a away for  the number of the caller appear on the phone when performing a call pickup (using *8#) note: using asterisk 1.8, thanks a lot for any helpful suggestion.

It is possible for the A number (phone number of original caller) to apear AFTER you do a Call Pickup. But you need to have a SIP phone that supports that and correctly set “sendrpid=” parameter in sip.conf.

when i set sendrpid=pai, i get the username when performing a pickup, but when making an internal call " device " appear on the screen instead of users name, phone used (Xorcom XP0120).

I have good experience with Yealink and Aastra. I never heard of Xorcom before …

just to be clear is the feature is call “Caller Header ID”?? I think the phone support the feature since its able to retrieve the name when performing a call pickup. thank you for your response

The feature is COLP (connected line presentation).

Solved: For Xorcom phones there is a patch config that needed to be apply to work correctly, you can get the config file from xorcom support. Thanks Everyone