Asterisk Call Duration

Hi I’m new to asterisk. I was able to install asterisk 1.4 on Cento 5.1 with freepbx. I have this situation which I want to accomplish. I want to implement a call duration on incoming calls. For example they want to call an extension in my office I want it limited to 10 mins only. The scenario is like this friends of my employees will call asterisk and an IVR prompt will answer asking for an extension number. They will enter the extension number and there phone conversation will be limited to 10 mins. Is this possible? If yes can anyone please give me a headstart. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!!


First place to start on all problems is to see what the system has to say


show application dial will tell you that the L option will do exactly what you want

L(x[:y][:z]) - Limit the call to ‘x’ ms. Play a warning when ‘y’ ms are
left. Repeat the warning every ‘z’ ms. The following special
variables can be used with this option:
* LIMIT_PLAYAUDIO_CALLER yes|no (default yes)
Play sounds to the caller.
Play sounds to the callee.
* LIMIT_TIMEOUT_FILE File to play when time is up.
* LIMIT_CONNECT_FILE File to play when call begins.
* LIMIT_WARNING_FILE File to play as warning if ‘y’ is defined.
The default is to say the time remaining.

I use this for limiting outdialing calls but works fine for incoming as well


Hi would be so kind to guide me step by step on how to accomplish? I am really new this environment. Where do I place those bunch of codes.

Thanks for the help

Hi Sorry but if you at a point where you need to have this explained then you need to study The forum and have a google. There are many tutorials out there as well as very good books. I know this sounds harsh but the only way to learn is to try and do it and see how far you get, Then ask for help on those bits.