Asterisk build with gcc4.0?

I have Fedora Core installed on a G4 and I am trying to make the asterisk build. The problem I run into is that it does not like the compiler. The gcc does not work. I poked around the net a little and noticed that some people were saying this is because FC4 uses the gcc4.0 so a lot of apps are having problems making builds.

Has anyone had any luck with this, if so would you know a way to get around the gcc failure. I saw some rpm’s running around for FC4 but they were x86, which leaves me the odd man out. Any help with this would be great.

Thanks in advance,


so I guess no one has approached this problem? If it’s not a gcc problem, coulod it be something that I don’t know about. I am fairly new to Linux admin functions.


I hve the same issue. I installed fedora 4, gcc 4. Asterisk is haveing problems and I do not know why… what am i missing? or does this setup not work with asterisk