Asterisk bluetooth channel


I’ve altered chan_bluetooth code ( to make it compatible with the latest CVS.

It compiles cleanly and loads up and appears to work fine.
It can talk to bluetooth stack and everything.

The problem i have is bonding bluez to my motorola V3.
I’ve configured bluez to be a headset.
When i bond it, i enter the pin, it is verified and connection is saved but as soon as i try to activate i get “Service not supported” on my mobile.

I guess this is nothing to do with Asterisk but maybe someone already bonded they motorola to bluez and have some pointers for me :smile:

Thank you in advance!

Hi Boris,

Could you let me know what modifications did you make? I’ve been trying to get chan_bluetooth to compile with stable 1.2.1, but with no success. I get a bunch of undeclared functions and variables.

I design Bluetooth headsets, and thus we have a rather good testing lab (with the V3 included), so I could try to get it working.