Asterisk binding multiple interfaces

Hi Team,

I wanted to bind asterisk with two different interfaces assigned with different IP address.
ex: eth0( and eth1(
Here is my call flow.

( ( ( (

As shown above, my Cisco phone and its respective asterisk are in the same internal network. Two asterisks are registered with a VPN, which assigned a new interface with 100.xx.xx.xx IP’s to both instances. Both asterisk’s are reachable to one another using the IP assigned by VPN. There is no mapping between 100.xx.xx.xx and 192.xx.xx.xx(just they are interfaces). Now I wanted my asterisk to bind to these two interfaces with TLS and the communication between asterisk’s should happen through 100.xx.xx.xx IP’s and between cisco and asterisk should be on their internal network’s(192.xx.xx.xx & 172.xx.xx.xx). I wanted to know the feasibility and how to implement this architecture. If asterisk binds on two interfaces, which certs need to deploy on the server to use TLS?

Please help me !! Thanks in advance.

You provide a type=transport section for each interface. The certificates are a property of the transport. You cannot do this with the, obsolete, chan_sip driver.

Thanks for the input @david551. We are using PJSIP.

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