Asterisk as router (open)

I’m planning to use one foneBridge2 connected to an Asterisk server, but I don’t know if Asterisk cans work with more simultaneous calls if it works as a router to other Asterisk servers or if responds the calls itself.

Sorry about my bad english.

The amount of calls that asterisk can handle is based on the hardware that you use.

Can you explain what you mean by having asterisk work as a router ?

Well, I do not really know exactly.The my boss’s idea was to use it to do load balancing on an asterisk cluster. And my question is whether makes the system performance improves, which I doubt.

You would need to use something like OpenSER with asterisk to set it up as a cluster.

I know, but SER(SIP Express Router) only understands SIP and fonebridge2 uses TDMoE that understands Asterisk, this is the reason for use Asterisk as router