Asterisk as ISDN Gateway

I’m trying to configure Asterisk as ISDN Gateway to foward incoming and outcoming call to Snom One PBX.
This is my first use of Asterisk, so I’m not sure what to do about. In Snom One, I configured Sip Gateway and the outgoing call came in Asterisk but don’t go in ISDN. My ISDN is an OpenVox PCI with bristuff and zaptel drivers. The incoming call go in Asterisk but don’t found extensions available because don’t go in Snom One.

In extensions.conf I wrote:

exten => XXX,1,Dial(Zap/1)

exten => XXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/1,100,r)

In sip.conf
register =>

; For incoming calls only. Example: FWD (Free World Dialup)
; We match on IP address of the proxy for incoming calls
; since we can not match on username (caller id)

type=peer ; we only want to call out, not be called
username=101 ; Authentication user for outbound proxies
;fromuser=yourusername ; Many SIP providers require this!
;usereqphone=yes ; This provider requires “;user=phone” on URI
;call-limit=5 ; permit only 5 simultaneous outgoing calls to this peer
outboundproxy= ; send outbound signaling to this proxy, not directly to the peer
;port=80 ; The port number we want to connect to on the remote side
;dialplan=international ; convert 123456 to 004930123456
;dialplan=national ; convert 123456 to 030123456
dialplan=local ; do not change the dialed number, default behaviour.
;rtpip= ; if RTP should go to asterisk you can configure the
; used IP address here (for multihomed machines)

can you help me?

I haven’t worked with zaptel, but it should be close to DAHDI. Dialing out ZAP/1 isn’t that saying to go out just channel 1? If you have a PRI, I would think you would want to specify a group of channels.

Providing some console cli with a raised verbosity would help to see some of the flow.

I’m confused by your SIP.conf. It states host=, which means localhost. If the Snom is a seperate box and it is doing a SIP connection to this asterisk box, I would think the IP should be his number.

it’s a BRI, so I have only 2 channel Zap/1 and Zap/2. In the same PC I have installed both snom and asterisk with different sip port, 5060 for snom one and 5090 for asterisk.