Asterisk ARI: Get events without Stasis app

I want to receive events from Asterisk via ARI in my nodejs app (ari-client). As prerequisite i may not change the dialplan. Is there a way to receive all events like incoming sip calls etc. without Stasis apps in dialplan?

So far i’m able to request all known endpoint like shown below and i also did the test example to receive dtmf events, but unfortunately only with a Stasis app in the dialplan.

var ariClient = require('ari-client');
ariClient.connect('', 'USER', 'PASSWORD',
	function (err, ari) {
		if (err) {
			console.log('Error: %s', JSON.parse(err));
			throw err; // program will crash if it fails to connect
		console.log('Requesting endpoints..');

			function (err, endpoints) {
				var names = {
					return 'Client ' + item['resource'] + ' with ' + item['technology'] + ' is [' + item['state'] + ']';
				socket.emit("event",'Requested endpoints: ' + names);
				console.log('Endpoints: %s', names);