Asterisk Appliance as call capture device

Hi there,

This may seem a bit of a strange use for the AA, and I am not entirely sure if it is even possible, but the AA seems to be the best chance I have of making this work in a single unit.

What I need:

A caller makes a call to a number, the device takes it and immediately requests authentication credentials via means of recorded message (much the same as in a normal teleconference). After the the caller is authenticated, the device records the call (a tweakable recording-time setting here would be great). After the caller hangs up, the recorded encoded into something lightweight (if it isn’t already) and sent on as an email to a specific address (or, allows a another device to grab the recorded message form it somehow).

And for ensuring my Christmas bonus, it would me really great if it could do the same for conference calls - start recording as the first authenticated user logs in, stop recording and encode/email the file as the last caller hangs up closing the conference.

Doable? If so, any advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks!


asterisk can do all of this. if you want to send me part of your x-mas bonus i would be happy to write some code for you :smile: