Asterisk and Unify OpenScape Bussiness X1

Hello. We have PBX Unify OpenScape Bussiness X1 and Asterisk. How we can create sip trunk between? Because now openscape 5060 UNREACHABLE

What should I add to the sip.conf?


Unless you have very specific reasons to use chan_sip, you should delete sip.conf and use pjsip.conf, instead, as the chan_sip code is effectively unsupported and will be removed from Asterisk in the version released next year. (Some people argue that there are a lot of cases where service providers do unusual things with SIP that currently only chan_sip can work round, but you seem to be connecting to local equipment, and that is much less likely to present that sort of problem.)

In the meantime, you need to provide logging, and probably the actual contents of your configuration file.

has information on how to gather that information, and without it we can really only guess.

UNREACHABLE typically means that Asterisk is failing to receive responses when it sends OPTIONS requests, to test connectivity. Reasons for that can be:

  • a broken peer that ignores OPTIONS, rather than responding, if only with Method not recognised The work round for this is to set qualify to no.

  • broken network connectivity, in one or both directions;

  • excessive round trip delays.

Broken connectivity is often the result of misconfigured firewalls, or misconfigured NAT routers. In the case of NAT routers, one or both of Asterisk or the peer may not be properly configured to compensate for being behind NAT, or to compensate for the other side’s inability to compensate.

You did not understand me. I can’t even imagine what I should write in the trunk on the Asterisk side. What ports or pairs are being authenticated, etc. Does anyone have an example?

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