Asterisk and SLIN codec higer than 8000hz

Currently i use asterisk on a router (mipsel) with a USB soundcard. This soundcard support only 44100/48000hz and not the requested 8000hz.

When i try to open the soundcard connection with the oss module i hear a very slow sound (because asterisk ask for the 8000hz but the soundcard can only deliver a sound of 44100hz).

With the SLIN codec it is possible to use a sound of 44100hz. But asterisk ask alway with the slin codec, 8000hz. Is there a solution that i anybody can rebuild the SLIN module so that i can use them also with this higher quality sounds. (streaming media in a p2p situation is also then possible sip-slin <-> sip-slin)

(codecs … 0040.shtml )