Asterisk and older office phone behind distinct NATs

Before I spend more time on this or post config files here, I thought I’d ask to make sure this is possible.

Asterisk server behind a NAT, with SIP ALG on, and 5060 and RTP ports forwarded, and anything else that needs to be configured would be possible.

Endpoint is a Siemens Openstage 15, and behind a different NAT. It is not possible to change router settings at that endpoint. There is no support for STUN or anything like that in the Siemens device, as far as I know.

Should it be possible to configure Asterisk to work with that Endpoint?

SIP ALG should be disabled!

Providing the Siemens supports rport, it should be possible. force_rport, symmetric_rtp, and rewrite_contact should work to deal with the remote NAT, as long as you configure external addresses and local networks, correctly, locally.

Thanks for the reply. All of that is configured. I’ve searched and I find no information showing the device supports rport. And I tried a lot of different configurations with no luck. So I am guessing no rport support. Time to get a different phone.

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