Asterisk and NAT (Network Adress Translator) ---> STUN?


My asterisk doesn’t work and anybody said me that was coming from my NAT from my firewall. If I disable it, i have no internet connection…
So, I looked how i can do, and the only way I found is the STUN (Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol) I am reading the documentation of it… but I would like to know if there isn’t any other way to make my asterisk work?


have a look at this, it should contain all nat related settings for Asterisk:

ok it seems that my problem doesn’t coming from there because I am using IAX… not SIP yet… so I sill have create a new topic with the right title


Anyway, asterisk does not support STUN, although some phones you are using with asterisk might.

But i dont know a single iax2 phone that supports stun.

Guess you will have to keep reading for a little more :smile: